I Have Questions!

What is U FIX•IT Automotive?

U FIX•IT Automotive are resource centers for people wanting to work on their cars. We have all the professional equipment, tools, information, and assistance you will need to do your project, small or large, in a safe, professional and clean climate-controlled environment. You will have immediate access to 14,000 repair manuals, standard and specialized tools, automotive lifts, parts and supplies, as well as advice or assistance from Certified technicians; all designed to make your project easier, economical, and safe.

I think I have heard of other places like this. What makes U FIX•IT Automotive unique?

U FIX•IT Automotive is designed to be a complete resource center for your automotive projects.  This is our primary business, rather than a typical automotive shop that may allow some customers to use their excess space. That is why we have onsite advice from Certified mechanics, access to 14,000 repair manuals, and full liability insurance specifically designed for our business; as well as a full range of tools, supplies and parts to make your experience economical, productive, professional and safe. Unless it has all these features, it isn’t a U FIX•IT Automotive location!

What type of work can I do?

You can bring your car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV, and any other appropriate project into our shop for virtually any type of maintenance or repair. You can also leave your vehicle at our shop if you have a longer project.

There are some larger vehicles, such as large commercial vehicles, that we cannot accommodate; also body work (other than mechanical type body repairs) such as painting or sanding may have to be done outside of the shop. Please check at your closest LOCATION for a complete menu of services.

What if I need parts and supplies?

U FIX•IT Automotive has many supplies and maintenance parts in house, and we can have most parts delivered to you in a few minutes. You simply need to tell your Service Bay Associate what you need, and we will take care of the rest.

Why should I buy parts from you? Can’t I get them somewhere else for less money?

U FIX•IT Automotive discounts all of its parts and supplies; more importantly, we have a unique warranty program that protects your investment even though you do the work yourself. On some repairs and parts, we have a nationwide warranty that will get your car fixed for you at no additional charge.

What if I need help?

U FIX•IT Automotive has Certified Technicians on-site to provide advice and assistance with your project. In addition, you have free online access to 14,000 manufacturer manuals with diagrams, pictures, and step-by-step procedures for most vehicles.

What are the hours of operation?

Please check at your closest LOCATION for operation hours. Most LOCATIONS can accommodate special or  longer hours by appointment.

How much does it cost?

Please check at your closest LOCATION for pricing. See our “What It Costs” page for samples of our pricing.

What if I want U FIX•IT Automotive to do the repairs?

Our Certified Technicians are happy to perform any repairs you might want, and we pride ourselves on the quality of these repairs. We have a nationwide warranty program as well, and would be happy to give to a fixed quote on most standard repair projects, restoration projects, and routine maintenance.

What if it takes longer than I planned to do the work?

This is no problem, in some cases you can leave your vehicle in the bay overnight, or move it to our storage area. Please check at your closest LOCATION for availability of this service.