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“My husband recently went to U-Fix-It use for the first time. He has a friend that uses it when he has car troubles, and recommended we try it out when our truck was having issues. The people that work here are so friendly and helpful, and I wish we would have known about this place long ago. The advice and help that they gave my husband saved us not only time, but LOTS OF MONEY. We got a quote from a well known repair shop to fix our truck for $1770. We decided to try and fix it ourselves and went to U-Fix-It. After all parts and time at the garage was calculated the total came to $600. BIG SAVINGS. I can’t thank them enough for all of their help. If you need to do work on your vehicle go to them!! Krista R.

“I was very impressed with U FIX•IT Automotive. They have everything you need to make your own repairs and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone wanting to make their own repairs should try them out. You won’t be sorry. I repaired mine and my daughter’s cars and can’t say enough good things about them.” Lee H.

“This shop was a life saver for us. I thought my husband was going to get heat stroke working under the car. The shop has lifts and air conditioning as well as friendly and extremely helpful owner and staff. Thank you for being here!”Laurel P.

“What a great idea! I have been trying to get this project done on my car, but it was impossible without a lift to get under the car. Being in an apartment complex, I couldn’t even use jackstands. At your place, it took about an hour and I was done.” Bill W.